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The Move to Sustainability

Many school districts around the country started adopting green cleaning strategies more than a decade ago, and many more are in the green pipeline. However, several school districts are now going beyond green cleaning. They are integrating sustainability into their operations and what they are finding is that green and sustainability, while they certainly complement […]

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The 21st Century Customer

In the past few years, many banks have started sending email alerts, reminding us when a payment will be made or when a bill is due.  Similarly, many pharmacies now send alerts notifying us when a prescription is due for a refill or when it is awaiting pickup. Banks never did anything like this before, […]

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outsourcing janitorial work

The Issue of Outsourcing

A U.S. rabbi, Susan Grossman, tells the old quip, ask two Jews their thoughts on a subject, you’ll likely get three answers.* That’s kind of how it is for managers when it comes to the question of outsourcing janitorial work. Some managers have had such bad experiences with it that it’s even written into their […]

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green cleaning program

Making Green Cleaning Happen

While green cleaning has been discussed for years in the professional cleaning industry, it is surprising how many facilities still have not adopted a green cleaning program. For many, especially smaller businesses and facilities, it very simply may not be an issue that has been raised. Their focus is on day-to-day operations, which puts green […]

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trash can liners

Trash Can Liners, Oatmeal, and Cost Savings

Trashcans lined with plastic liners are located throughout colleges and universities in offices, classrooms, food service areas, etc. For a large school, with hundreds of staff and thousands of workers, there likely are several thousand trashcans—once again, all lined with plastic liners that need to be changed two or three times per week, if not […]

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green cleaning in prisons

Correctional Facilities and Cleaning Consultants

Cleaning consultants are hired by different organizations for different reasons.   A cleaning contractor, for instance, would likely hire a cleaning consultant to help them streamline their cleaning in a particular building or in all their internal operations. This helps cut costs. Because cleaning is virtually all labor, any steps taken to optimize strategies can contribute […]

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cleaning and sustainablity

What’s Next in Professional Cleaning

Reprinted from ISSA Today Magazine May 2016 For most custodial workers, the use of green or environmentally preferable cleaning products is now a daily fact of life. The turning point for green cleaning occurred a good decade ago, in the mid- to-late 2000s.So if green cleaning has become old hat, what new turning point am […]

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product mapping

PPE and Product Mapping

This article was published in ISHN in August 2016 Administrators of industrial facilities can use product mapping when selecting safety products, factory floor equipment, office supplies, or just about anything that is purchased on a regular basis. It’s a matter of mapping out your selection criteria. Product maps can be used to analyze PPE based […]

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partnering with a client

Partnering Series: Defining a Partnership

When a building service contractor creates a partnership with a client, the first thing to do is define what is meant by partnering with a customer. This will apply to both the BSC and the client. I define partnering as follows: “A shared journey between two or more parties that produces more effective results for […]

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partnering with customers

Partnering Series: Communicating With Customers

Partnering relationships must be formed. They certainly do not happen on their own. However, the evolved much more easily if the cleaning contractor has a goal of partnering with clients from the start. Usually, to build such a relationship with a customer, we need to communicate. “The art of communication is the language of leadership,” […]

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