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Five Ways to Get Paid on Time

San Mateo, CA – A cleaning contractor with a large staff may have to pay as much as 90 percent of the company’s gross income just for payroll. This means that if a large client pays late, it can throw your whole cash flow program out the window. So what steps can cleaning contractors take […]

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Identifying Prospect Pain Points

Here’s the typical scenario when a cleaning contractor meets with a prospect to submit a cleaning proposal. The building or office manager walks the contractor through the facility. She may point out things that, based on her experience, need special care. The cleaning contractor focuses on the size of the facility; density (how many people […]

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Do You Ever Ask Yourself: I Wish I Could Sell?

Are you one of those individuals who do not consider yourself a salesperson?  Let’s take that a step further.  Do you hate selling? Possibly your area of responsibility within your company is strictly operations or finance, so you may feel that you do not have to do any selling! WRONG! Everyone in your operation is […]

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Communicating The Importance of Cleaning

The following was first published in Facility Cleaning Decisions Magazine Whether a hospital, elementary school or office building, most organizations have a communications system designed to share information with building occupants. This may be email, e-newsletters or printed company updates. In-house custodial executives should proactively use these tools to promote the work they do and […]

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How Ron Segura Improved Cleaning at Walt Disney

The following is part of an interview with Ron Segura about his work improving cleaning operations at the Walt Disney Company Ron Segura has over 45 years of experience in all segments of the professional cleaning industry. In 1991, he was called in to help media giant, The Walt Disney Company, tackle many issues the company was […]

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Segura Presenter at Latin American Cleaning Events

San Mateo, CA. – Ron Segura, head of Segura & Associates, a janitorial consulting firm based in the U.S., will be the key presenter at two upcoming events for the professional cleaning industry in Peru and Brazil. The Peru event will be held in Lima on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. This is part of ISSA’s […]

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ISSA Latin America

The Green Cleaning Movement Moves South

The professional cleaning industry in North America and much of Western Europe now recognizes the benefits of providing green cleaning programs to its customers. More importantly, we now understand the positive health benefits of these programs to building users and cleaning staff. However, that certainly is not true in many other parts of the world. […]

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teaching english to janitors

Teaching Workers English Helps Contract Cleaners

What we are starting to see in parts of the U.S. is large contract cleaning companies providing classes so that their non-English speaking staff can learn English. While some may be doing this independently, many have joined forces with organizations, often non-profits, that works with contract cleaners and other organizations to help teach these workers […]

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Convince Customers to Sign Longer Contracts

The following was published in CMM in June 2017 Cleaning contracts between building service contractors (BSCs) and major corporate centers, schools, or universities often are for two-year terms—sometimes less. There are some reasons for these contracts to be so short, but for the most part, it is to the customer’s—and the BSC’s—advantage to agree to […]

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Nice, but Can You Clean It?

A few years back, a new bank and bank building opened in San Francisco. Because the City by the Bay is already laden with scores of banks and banking services, this new organization went out of its way to build a new facility that was architecturally interesting and impressive. And, sure enough, it was. Articles […]

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