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Does your business need to communicate with video?

Don’t depend on videographers with no marketing experience. Sure, they can make beautiful wedding videos, but creating powerful business messages requires years of advertising experience.

Just delivering your existing marketing collateral to a general videographer is likely to get you a “pretty” video that does a poor job persuading your audience and achieving your business goals.

Not only will you be unsuccessful in adding value to your business, your likely to lose reputation by failing to be relevant.

Businesses should not have to suffer with video producers who create weddings, cover local community events, and create boring corporate videos. Marketing and sales videos require producers with knowledge of marketing and sales. You deserve a producer who is experienced creating the precise marketing message you need to deliver.

We’ve worked with many businesses who asked us to help promote their “new video” (that we did not produce) only to have it perform terribly on digital and social media. We know how much this hurts. Luckily over the past 10 years we’ve been able to help businesses employ the right kind of video content online and achieve sales increases of up to 35% to 40% base on our efforts.

Video can powerfully communicate your company’s message and we have a simple three step process to help you:

  1. We conduct a Goals Assessment Meeting by phone or video conference.

  2. We create a script outline, budget, and production calendar to meet your needs.

  3. We shoot, edit, and distribute your video to the top digital media channels, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Linkedin.

To get started contact Ron Segura using the contact form on this website.

Not sure if video content is right for you? The Goals Assessment Meeting is completely free and if you don’t believe video will achieve your goals, there is no further obligation.

Your company’s position in the marketplace can rise significantly with the addition of custom marketing or training videos. You will increase brand recognition, generate leads, and improve quality control procedures.

Don’t fall victim to the all too common situation of creating a “pretty video” that impresses your friends and family and achieves absolutely zero business goals. We’re ready to help.

Best regards,

Ahryn Scott
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Ron Segura, Founder and President of Segura & Associates brings over 50 years of experience in all segments of the Cleaning Industry. Ten of those years were spent overseeing the cleaning of over 4.5 million square feet of outsourced services for The Walt Disney Company.

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