Attending the ISSA Tradeshow and Making it Work

Ron Segura, President of Segura & Associates, a leading consulting firm for building managers and cleaning contractors, says many people attending the ISSA Tradeshow do not receive all the benefits they can derive from attending the show.

“They stroll the floor looking at all the products, collect brochures, and then go home,” he says. “As soon as they get home, the brochures are typically tossed away along with just about everything they remember of the show.”

There are ways to address this situation, and the first one, according to Segura, is simply “bringing the janitors to the show. Often building managers attend the [ISSA] convention but forget the cleaning workers. If they really want to select tools and equipment for their facilities, they need to remember to bring the people that will be using those products.”

Segura adds that cleaning workers must “buy in” to any products selected at the show, and the best way to accomplish this is to involve them in the selection.

He also suggests that building owners, managers, and cleaning workers plan a “convention strategy” before attending the show. It would include such things as these:

1.Work as a team a week or two before the show to create an ISSA convention strategy.

2.Prepare a list of all the relevant seminars to attend.

3.If there are seminar time conflicts, have some people attend one seminar while others attend another.

4.Prepare a list of the products, tools, chemicals, and equipment you want to see.

5.Make a list of specific vendors (manufacturers) you want to see.
6. Be prepared with questions you want to ask vendors and don’t hesitate to ask them.

With lists in hand, prepare a daily schedule noting which products to see and which vendors to visit.  Then schedule lunch meetings to compare notes.

“Every cleaning professional attending the ISSA tradeshow should have one thing in mind when they see equipment or meet with vendors,” says Segura. ” More than the features, what are the benefits I will get from the product?”


About Segura & Associates Segura & Associates was founded by Ron Segura, who now serves as president of the company. Ron has over 45 years of experience in all segments of the professional cleaning and building operation