With the new year fast approaching, some cleaning contractors are starting to examining their business, looking to see what was and was not accomplished during the year and decide if and what changes they’d like to make.

This is especially true when it comes to the marketing and branding of their companies.

They may think of doing such things as building a fresh new website; adding more content to their current site; hiring a marketing, communication, or SEO firm.

However, one small – but essential – thing tends to get overlooked: their company logo. Logos are far more important than you might realize. Moreover, if you are considering giving your company a fresh new look, you probably should start with your logo.

Among the many benefits of a well-designed logo includes the following:

• Pique the interest of potential customers
• Impress current clients (make them proud you are their service provider)
• Differentiate your company from other cleaning contractors
• Facilitate brand recognition
• Convey what your brand is all about.

Once a new logo has been created, it should be used everywhere:

• On all company marketing materials
• Business cards
• Business gifts
• Internal and external stationary
• Email signatures
• On company websites and social media sites
• Turned into a favicon.

If you do not know what a favicon is, it’s the small icon some sites have to the left of their web URL address. While not everyone takes advantage of this logo opportunity, most websites do allow you to use your company logo as a favicon.

Add Some Text to the Logo

Some logos are just an image. However, studies indicate that adding some text to the logo – as simple as saying “contract cleaning services” – can prove beneficial.

A study involving 597 participants and reported in the September 2019 Harvard Business Review, found that logos are more effective in capturing the eyes of prospects. According to the researchers:

Descriptive logos (as they are called) more favorably impact consumers’ brand perceptions… and are more likely to improve brand performance.

Their research also uncovered that descriptive logos:

• Make brands appear more authentic in consumers’ eyes
• More favorably impact consumers’ evaluations of brands
• More strongly increase consumers’ willingness to buy from brands
• Can boost a brand’s net sales

Logos: A Final Thought

When creating a new logo, take your time. Know ahead of time what you would like it to look like and the text you would like it to include. Than contact different graphic designers. Ask to see examples of their work. This will help you select the designer that best captures the type of logo you want and that conveys what your company is all about.

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