In an earlier postings, we discussed some of the more personal ways a business consultant or coach can help contractors.  Now, let’s talk about the business reasons a company, such as a cleaning contractor or building management firm, might call in a business consultant.

Fresh Eyes

At the top of the list is the contractor’s desire for an independent, third-party observer to weigh in on business decisions. After their company has been around for a while, contractors are often faced with making decisions that will have long-lasting effects, such as whether they should expand to another city or state, sell their companies, or possibly buy out or merge with another company.

For many top people in a company, these are challenges they have never had to address before. And because these issues are so important, they want to make sure they are making the right decision. To do this, they often hire a business consultant to evaluate the situation and make a recommendation.

Brainpower and Time 

Some companies – large or small – go through times when they need extra brainpower and someone with the time to implement changes. In one scenario, I was tasked with building worker morale and loyalty. Not that there were problems; the company owners just wanted their staff of custodians to feel closer to their employer and develop a tighter bond with the firm.

People at the top levels of the company did not know how this could be accomplished, and since the executives at this company were so involved with day-to-day operations, coming up with ways to get it done was never a top priority. They brought me in, and I came up with a plan. It involved educating the workers in the company about the history of its founder and the firm. This one strategy turned out to be a significant step forward in building a closer relationship between staff, management, and the company.

Quelling Emotions and Politics

When companies are making big decisions such as restructuring or merging with another firm, as we mentioned earlier, emotions, tensions, and politics can arise that have never been witnessed in the company before. Tense times can bring out the worst in people, making necessary decisions all the more difficult, if not impossible.

However, they must be made.

To address this, a business consultant – someone removed but experienced in handling such situations – can be brought in to calm the situation and help the company move forward. As you can see, business consultants can play a very significant role in helping contractors run their businesses. In my experience, hiring a consultant has always proven to be a good investment for the client. Along with addressing challenges and situations, something is always learned, and something is always gained.

Ron Segura helps cleaning contractors grow. He has over 45 years of experience in all segments of the professional cleaning industry including ten years as Manager of Janitorial Operations for Walt Disney Pictures and Television. To contact him, call 650-315-8933