Cleaning Contractors May Be in Murky Waters When It Comes to Marijuana

As more states legalize the use of marijuana, a fair question many cleaning contractors are asking is how this impacts their business operations. If yours is a drug-free workplace, can you not hire someone because they failed a drug test, and will state courts protect you if there is a lawsuit? What if current employees […]

Why Companies Call in Business Consultants

In an earlier postings, we discussed some of the more personal ways a business consultant or coach can help contractors.  Now, let’s talk about the business reasons a company, such as a cleaning contractor or building management firm, might call in a business consultant. Fresh Eyes At the top of the list is the contractor’s […]

How a Coffee Roaster Dealt with a Low-Bidder

A large cleaning contractor who had provided cleaning and maintenance services for a large office building experienced an unwelcome surprise. While this client had always been happy with their service for several years, the client sent them a termination notice. When the contractor called and asked why, the building manager indicated they had received a […]