Are Your Disinfectants Working?

Let’s assume the following scenario.  It’s the middle of a cold, nasty winter and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported a significant upswing in the number of children coming down with colds, the flu, and different viruses.  They suggest that all facilities – schools, park and recreation centers, etc. – that […]

Technology and the Changing World of Contract Cleaning

In the past decade, we have witnessed a number of technological advances that have had direct influence on the professional cleaning industry. While many of these involved the cleaning tools and equipment we use, what I am referencing here are advances that have impacted communication between our customers, cleaning contractors, and their staff. And we are […]

The New Manager

It is the goal of most companies to grow their business! As their businesses grow, there becomes a need for additional supervision and management. This is one of the first pains of growth. Most organizations do not have staff that can be promoted and as a result, they need to hire someone from outside their […]

Benchmarking Tips and Considerations

Benchmarking has become an oft-used buzzword in the cleaning industry. Many proponents believe that benchmarking — identifying the highest standards of excellence, and adapting and applying them to an operation — will improve performance. But the most important step in using any improvement tool is to first know what cleaning staff are doing now. Understanding […]