Distributors Should Sell Programs and Not Products

Distributors should sell programs and not products. Having worked with large cleaning contractors throughout North America as well as schools, universities, and corporations, helping these organizations make cleaning more effective and efficient, Ron Segura says what could help janitorial distributors today and in the future is moving from selling products to selling programs. “For instance, […]

Highlighting The Importance Of Cleaning

Whether a hospital, elementary school or office building, most organizations have a communications system designed to share information with building occupants. This may be email, e-newsletters or printed company updates. In-house custodial executives should proactively use these tools to promote the work they do and communicate the value of the department. The savvy, self-promoting custodial […]

Getting New Business the Old Fashioned Way: Networking

Someone I know in the contract cleaning industry wanted to expand his business. He gave up on cold calling, as it just was not working and he did not enjoy it, and was looking for a new tack. Based on his research, he decided the best approach was to increase his online savvy. He spent […]

Tips on Complaining and Receiving Complaints

State and local government administrators along with managers of all types of facilities should take a new look at something most of us try to avoid and that is complaints and complaining. This is specifically important if you are the one who must deliver complaints to an outside vendor such as a cleaning contractor. It can […]

Do You Provide Service or Satisfaction?

Here’s a problem shared by many cleaning contractors when it comes to customer loyalty. While they provide an acceptable service for their clients, they often do not take it to the next level, ensuring true customer satisfaction—and thus customer loyalty, one of the ultimate goals of any contract cleaning or service business. “Acceptable service” essentially […]

Pitching a Rate Increase

As most cleaning contractors know, pitching a rate increase on a customer can be very difficult. Often, in the mind of the cleaning contractor, there is the fear that by pitching a rate increase, there is a risk of losing the account. The letter or email just might cause the client to start taking bids. This may […]

The Value of a Review

One year has ended and another is ready to go! How about you? Will it be business as usual or have you taken the time to review the past year and to develop a strategy to strengthen the weak areas of your company? Here are some areas you might review if you have not already: […]