How Cleaning Contractors Can Improve Their Bid-Hit Ratio

Although I rarely use the expression, many contractors in different industries have what they call a “bid-hit ratio”. Essentially, this involves comparing how many bids the contractors submitted against how many they won—that is, the “hit”. There is no average bid-hit ratio. Some contractors will submit 10 bids and only get one hit and assume […]

Four Ways Smaller Cleaning Contractors Can Build Their Businesses

Several years ago, a cleaning contractor in the southeast started writing a column on office cleaning for a local newspaper.  The column mainly dealt with cleaning-related issues that could help facility managers keep their facilities cleaner and healthier. While this gentleman never marketed himself directly, by writing this column on a regular basis, he slowly […]

Artificial Intelligence Enters the Cleaning Industry

Several years ago, I met with the president of a company that manufacturers professional cleaning equipment. He had a collection of older machines the company had made over its 80-year history and one of them caught my eye. It was a floor machine that was about 25 years old. Why it caught my eye was […]