Artificial Intelligence Enters the Cleaning Industry

Several years ago, I met with the president of a company that manufacturers professional cleaning equipment. He had a collection of older machines the company had made over its 80-year history and one of them caught my eye. It was a floor machine that was about 25 years old. Why it caught my eye was […]

But Can It Be Cleaned?

A few years back, a new bank and bank building opened in San Francisco. Because the City by the Bay is already laden with scores of banks and banking services, this new organization went out of its way to build a new facility that was architecturally interesting and impressive. And, sure enough, it was. Articles […]

Do You Provide Service or Satisfaction?

Here’s a problem shared by many cleaning contractors when it comes to customer loyalty. While they provide an acceptable service for their clients, they often do not take it to the next level, ensuring true customer satisfaction—and thus customer loyalty, one of the ultimate goals of any contract cleaning or service business. “Acceptable service” essentially […]