Why Companies Call in Business Consultants

In an earlier postings, we discussed some of the more personal ways a business consultant or coach can help contractors.  Now, let’s talk about the business reasons a company, such as a cleaning contractor or building management firm, might call in a business consultant. Fresh Eyes At the top of the list is the contractor’s […]

But Can It Be Cleaned?

A few years back, a new bank and bank building opened in San Francisco. Because the City by the Bay is already laden with scores of banks and banking services, this new organization went out of its way to build a new facility that was architecturally interesting and impressive. And, sure enough, it was. Articles […]

Recommendations for Ron Segura

Ron Segura is an encyclopedia of insight, best practices, and strategy in the maintenance services industry. It has always been a pleasure to work with Ron. His exposure runs the gamut from small family companies to large, robust organizations, providing insight and experience to help guide key decisions. He is well known and liked in […]

End of the Trash and Dash Cleaning

Cleaning professionals are under more and more pressure to perform their duties as quickly as possible. And, during a time when our industry is realizing more than ever that our No. 1 priority is to keep people healthy, the “trash and dash” approach to cleaning is sure to result in a number of problems, not […]

Ron Segura Talks Disney, Customer Satisfaction and Growing Up in the Business

Name: Ron Segura Title: Consultant & President of Segura & Associates Company: Segura & Associates Quote: “I have always felt that the day when our children tell us that when they grow up, they want to be in the janitorial business – and we do not feel that we have failed as parents – then […]

Why We Need Staff Buy-Ins…and How to Get Them

Whenever I start working with a new client such as a university or large corporate facility, one of the first things I do is take a look inside the janitorial closet. Invariably what I find is one or more pieces of cleaning equipment, often costly items, sitting in the back of the closet just collecting […]

Janitorial Presentations to Decision Makers: What Works, What Doesn’t Work

San Francisco, CA – Today, cleaning contractors must do much more than prepare a proposal to obtain new contracts. They must win customers over with a presentation. Decision makers want you to show them – which is what presentations are designed to do – just what benefits they will receive by hiring you. Typically this […]