Why Companies Call in Business Consultants

In an earlier postings, we discussed some of the more personal ways a business consultant or coach can help contractors.  Now, let’s talk about the business reasons a company, such as a cleaning contractor or building management firm, might call in a business consultant. Fresh Eyes At the top of the list is the contractor’s […]

Identifying Prospect Pain Points

Here’s the typical scenario when a cleaning contractor meets with a prospect to submit a cleaning proposal. The building or office manager walks the contractor through the facility. She may point out things that, based on her experience, need special care. The cleaning contractor focuses on the size of the facility; density (how many people […]

Updating your RFP System

It is very unlikely that private colleges and universities would be using history books—or even worse, textbooks on software or computers—that are more than a decade old. On the other hand, it is quite likely they are using requests for proposals (RFPs), especially for the cleaning and maintenance of their campuses, which are usually a […]

Why We Need Staff Buy-Ins…and How to Get Them

Whenever I start working with a new client such as a university or large corporate facility, one of the first things I do is take a look inside the janitorial closet. Invariably what I find is one or more pieces of cleaning equipment, often costly items, sitting in the back of the closet just collecting […]

Janitorial Presentations to Decision Makers: What Works, What Doesn’t Work

San Francisco, CA – Today, cleaning contractors must do much more than prepare a proposal to obtain new contracts. They must win customers over with a presentation. Decision makers want you to show them – which is what presentations are designed to do – just what benefits they will receive by hiring you. Typically this […]