Features Don’t Count… and Other Problems with Most Janitorial Proposals

How do most customers find out about you and your business?  Invariably, they go to your website.  And what’s on most cleaning contractors’ websites? A list of all the features their service provides. If there is anything I would like you to learn from this blog and my recent webinar, is that features don’t count.  […]

Artificial Intelligence Enters the Cleaning Industry

Several years ago, I met with the president of a company that manufacturers professional cleaning equipment. He had a collection of older machines the company had made over its 80-year history and one of them caught my eye. It was a floor machine that was about 25 years old. Why it caught my eye was […]

Do You Know your SOWs, RFPs, and the RFIs?

When a new management company took over the controls of a mini high-rise condominium building in Chicago, one of the first things the new manager did was review the current agreements the building had with its different vendors. What they discovered was the following: Most all of the same vendors had been servicing the building […]

Ways to Reduce “Anniversary” Job Injuries

San Mateo, CA – Many studies indicate that during the first three months on the job, new workers have an increased chance of having a job-related injury. This applies to workers in most all types of workplaces, including custodial workers. However, according to Ron Segura, President of Segura & Associates, which helps contract cleaning companies […]

Recommendations for Ron Segura

Ron Segura is an encyclopedia of insight, best practices, and strategy in the maintenance services industry. It has always been a pleasure to work with Ron. His exposure runs the gamut from small family companies to large, robust organizations, providing insight and experience to help guide key decisions. He is well known and liked in […]

Updating your RFP System

It is very unlikely that private colleges and universities would be using history books—or even worse, textbooks on software or computers—that are more than a decade old. On the other hand, it is quite likely they are using requests for proposals (RFPs), especially for the cleaning and maintenance of their campuses, which are usually a […]