How Cleaning Contractors Can Make the Most of Social Media

Cleaning contractors around the country have been involved with social media for several years now. However, the results have varied. Some have done very well and have acquired new customers through social media, while others have done rather poorly and are disappointed with the whole social media process.

Well, don’t give up. Social media is still a powerful way to build your business. It is estimated that in 2020, there will be more than 3 billion social media users around the world, most of whom spend more than two hours per day on one platform or another. So, your chances of getting seen by someone that might be interested in your services are still high.

Verifying the potential power of social media, according to a recent study by Garner, companies around the world are spending, on average, nearly 30 percent of their entire marketing budget on social media platforms.

So, if you have not succeeded with these platforms or are just starting to use them, ask yourself the following questions to make the process more effective:

What Are Your Goals?

While most contractors hope their social media programs will bear fruit, with new customers coming in the door, all too often, their focus turns to getting more “likes” and “connections.” Although likes and connections are helpful, is that really your goal? If not, what is your goal? Are you using social media to expand your company into new geographic locations? Are you striving for greater brand awareness? What types of leads are you trying to generate? Very large facilities? Schools or medical facilities? Your social media program must be strategized to help you accomplish your goals.

Which Platforms Should You Use?

Many contractors believe they are in the B2B world, so their platform of choice is LinkedIn. If your focus is on conventional facilities, such as banks and office buildings, then LinkedIn might be best. However, it is not your only option. For instance, younger people, who may also be in positions to hire a contract cleaner, may prefer TikTok or Snapchat. If your goal is to clean and maintain technology companies, then these platforms may be the perfect fit. Sites like Facebook can also play a role. Some contractors use Facebook to show company activities, for instance, if they sponsor soccer games or perform community activities.

What About Content?

Let’s refer to the younger managers just mentioned. Younger people tend to prefer videos and infographics, and when words are used, they want them short and sweet. One digital marketing company I know keeps its blogs to only 300 words. Longer and its site visitors, mainly younger managers, turn away. However, if your market includes more conventional facilities, these site visitors prefer to read. They want to learn something from your blogs. They want to be inspired by your blogs. For these visitors, this builds trust, and with trust comes sales.

So, is there a happy medium? The answer is yes. Contractors should have a combination of blogs, of differing word counts, videos, and graphics. Organizing them with separate menus if possible, allows visitors to select the format they prefer to see.

Should I “Engage” with My Audience?

Often, contractors place a post on social media and then walk away. They do not go back to see if anyone commented on those posts. It is essential to engage with your followers and visitors, no matter which platform is used. Comments typically lead to other comments from other web visitors, and it is important to be a part of the conversation. Further, engagement may allow you to “seize the moment.” In one case, a man posted on Twitter that he proposed to his girlfriend in a KFC. He was mocked by one and all. “How unromantic can you be?” was typical of the tweets. Well, KFC jumped into the fray. They chipped in to help pay for the couple’s wedding and even gave the newlyweds an Audi as a wedding present. Everyone was impressed, KFC was showered with praise, and all the mocking soon went away.

“Social media marketing has become a mainstay for many companies, and cleaning contractors can also benefit. Whether you are new to social media marketing or have been doing it for years, remembering your goals and focusing on engagement will lead to a more successful and productive time online.”

Ron Segura is president of Segura Associates. His company works with building managers as well as large and small contractors, helping them build their brands and streamline business operations. This helps reduce costs and allows them to operate more profitably. He can be reached at: