Segura Article in CMM: Dealing With a New Building Manager

One thing that most all building service contractors (BSCs) deal with from time to time is the introduction of a new office or building manager. After you’ve spent so much time developing a solid and comfortable relationship with the old manager, all of a sudden they’re gone and someone takes their place.

This can pose a problem. Some managers like their old service providers so much they bring them with them wherever they go. This can be especially true when it comes to cleaning because, while we can analyze and scientifically evaluate how well a service provider cleans a facility, ultimately there is a lot of subjectivity involved. If the new manager became enamored with the service provider at their former location, don’t be surprised if they now have the keys to your old account.

However, in most cases, the new manager will work with the current vendors until they have the time to evaluate their services and products. In the meantime, here are some steps you can take to smooth over the transition and retain the account:

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