The Do’s and Don’ts of Calling on Building Managers

San Mateo, CA – Cleaning contractors must always keep marketing their services to building managers, in good times as well as the not-so-good times.

Unfortunately, some get off on the wrong foot right off the bat. There are tips and tricks that can prevent this and just might help sway a prospective client in your direction.

According to Ron Segura, president of Segura & Associates, a consulting firm that works both sides of the fence – with both cleaning contractors and building managers – here are some do’s and don’ts to be aware of:

Do Not Show Up Unannounced

Rarely will a building manager stop everything she is doing to meet with an unexpected salesperson, no matter what services or products they are marketing. Always try to schedule an appointment.

Know Something About the Facility

Many times, a multi-tenant office building, for instance, attracts similar tenants. For example, some buildings attract attorneys; others architects and designers; and still others, volunteer organizations, etc. The cleaning needs for a facility filled with attorneys will likely not be the same for one occupied with volunteer groups – nor will they likely pay the same.

Free Service at Start of Service

Everyone likes something for free. It’s always good to offer a free service at the onset of service. Look for something that needs attention. Offering a free service at the start of service often swings the deal.

Provide Service Options

Some prospects like options. For instance, they may want to know the charges for five nights per week service vs. three nights per week. Or how much it would cost for full service three nights per week and light service the other two. Providing options can help make your proposal stand out from the others.

“As to getting that initial appointment with a building manager, it can be tough,” adds Segura. “Try sending the manager a hand written note asking for a few minutes to introduce yourself. While you may not get a response right away, don’t be surprised if the manager holds on to that note and gives you a call down the road.”



About Segura & Associates Segura & Associates was founded by Ron Segura, who now serves as president of the company. Ron has over 45 years of experience in all segments of the professional cleaning and building operation with ten of those years spent as Manager of Janitorial /Document Services for Walt Disney Pictures and Television. Segura & Associates works with clients, helping them operate their facilities in a healthier, more sustainable, and efficient manner. He can be reached via his website at