Quick Tips for Successful Bidding

Here are some ways cleaning contractors can win more bids:

Do your research. Find out as much as you can about the company such as its goals, mission statement, its products or services, the types of customers it serves. If possible, bring these attributes into your proposal.

Ask questions. While some companies will have policies denying individual follow-up conversations or meetings after the initial meeting, if possible and if uncertain about anything in the RFP, ask the manager.  Some bids are lost because of simple misunderstandings.

Write early. It is often best to start preparing the bid as soon as the initial meeting and walk-through have been completed.  Very often details about the facility or what was discussed are forgotten, which can have unfortunate ramifications.

Check your numbers. This is more for your own benefit than the customer’s.  Double check labor and supply costs, and profit margins.  If your bid is selected, rarely will the customer be open to re-negotiation.

Timely delivery. Bids should always be delivered before the due date. If asked to give a presentation, be sure and arrive early.  Never leave the customer waiting. a client waiting.

Prepare a presentation. If the client is interested in your proposal, they will likely ask for a presentation before key stakeholders. However, be prepared to provide a short presentation about your company, the features of your company, and most important, the value you bring to the table.

Follow-up. Wait a respectable number of days – usually a business week – and the give the perspective client a call. Its possible the client has moved on to other duties and it shows your interest in handling their cleaning needs. Possibly, the client may even ask you to give a presentation. Now you have one step in the door.