In most cases, when cleaning contractors and Facility Managers think of carpet cleaning, they think of “steam cleaning,” which is professionally known as carpet extraction.  This form of carpet cleaning is considered a very effective way to clean carpets. It “deep cleans” carpet, removing soils deeply embedded in carpet fibers.

But the problem with carpet extraction is that it can leave the carpet wet for several hours. During this period, areas may need to be blocked off to foot traffic. One reason we must do this is because wet carpet can make shoe bottoms very slippery. Walking from a wet carpet on to a dry, hard surface floor is virtually an accident waiting to happen.

And because many facilities now turn HVAC systems off after business hours and on weekends – typically when carpet extraction work is performed in commercial facilities – this can delay carpet drying even more, so the carpet remains wet longer.

And we should note: if the carpet is not dry within 48 hours, there is the possibility that mold and mildew will develop. This can impact the health of the facility.

Fortunately, there are other carpet cleaning options, and one that has proven to be effective and does not require as much drying time is known as “bonnet cleaning.”

Also known as “absorbent pad” carpet cleaning, with this method a scrubbing machine and a rotating pad are used. The pad is dipped into a cleaning solution, which is then applied to the carpet. The rotating pad gently agitates carpet fibers.  This gentle agitation loosen soils, which are then absorbed into the rotating pad along moisture. 

Carpet typically dries quickly with this method. Minimal moisture is necessary and much of the moisture is absorbed into the rotating pad during the cleaning process.

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