• Commercial Real Estate

    Segura & Associates has assisted in the development and implementation of Green Cleaning Programs. By conducting Custodial Effectiveness Assessments, Segura & Associates has assisted many organizations in their pursuit of LEED EB OM certification.

    Other Services
    • Assist in the assessment of current Outsourced Services
    • Assist in the development of RFP and coordinate the RFP process
    • Implementation of Green Programs

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  • Corporate Campuses

    Having spent ten years overseeing over 4.5 million square feet of outsourced cleaning for the Walt Disney Company and management of 90 in-house janitors, Segura & Associates is able to assist:

    • Assessment of current Outsourced Services
    • Assessment of In-House Staff
    • Implementation of Green Programs
    • Training for In-House Staff

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  • Colleges & Universities

    Segura & Associates has provided assistance to organizations like Stanford University. Services such as:

    • Assistance with the RFP process for outsourced services
    • Development of Green Specifications
    • Assessment of Outsourced Services
    • Assessment of Supply & Equipment Purchasing
    • Training of In-House Staff

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  • Distribution & Manufacturing

    Segura & Associates has assisted many Jan San distributors, by providing Training Programs for customers, as well as, Sales Staff. Additionally, they have developed Green Cleaning Programs, implemented, and trained staff on how to sell Green.

    Manufacturers have turned to Segura & Associates as to the currents needs and requirements of the end user. Segura & Associates has developed a Product Pilot Program that can provide the manufacturers vital feedback on new products.

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Planning - Implementation - Management

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